Adults Being More Awesome

Painting or Picture

Anyone who can paint is an artist in my eyes. However, there are some that take painting a picture to a whole new level. Here are just a few artists with just that ability. Your eyes might think they are looking at pictures taken from a camera, but all of the art you are going […]

For homeless women

Use old pocketbooks and fill with women’s personal care items, sanitary products, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush, gloves, hat, underwear, mints, candy, pen, notebook, bodycream, lip balm, deodorant, and when you go into a city or an area where you know you will see homeless woman, just hand them the pocketbook filled with inexpensive products that […]

“Unadoptable” Child Bonds with Cop

Master Deputy Mike Gibson is an officer in South Carolina. He is also the resource officer at the Spartanburg School District Six school in South Carolina. While in the school, Master Deputy Gibson started to bond with one child. He learned that this child had been in and out of eight or nine foster homes […]

Students Renovate School Bus for Teacher’s Daughter

It took 6 weeks for high school students to transform a dilapidated school bus into Gabrielle’s dream playhouse. Gabrielle is the daughter of Amy Howell, a high school health care teacher in Westmoreland, Tennessee. Howell told her class about her daughter’s unusual Christmas wish list and jokingly asked, “Do you know anybody who’s got an […]

Homeless Man Flooded With Job Offers After Woman Shares His Sign On Facebook

Sherryn Jackson, of Melbourne, was walking through the city when she came across Berry, a desperate homeless man, holding a sign reading:  “Hi I’m from Perth W.A, I’ve been here three weeks looking for work. I’ve tried so hard to get work. I have my HR truck driving license and have done lots of driving. […]

Help with Shoveling

A father from Wisconsin is having a very proud father moment with his two sons who are 10 and 6. He was driving down the street when his sons asked him to pull over. They saw a gentleman in a wheelchair shoveling and wanted to help him. The father posted a photo to Facebook on […]

Don’t let the Name fool You

Just because it’s called Iceland, doesn’t mean that everything is a sheet of ice. In fact here are 12 photos that prove just how breathtaking beautiful Iceland really is.

Man saves dog in freezing lake

A little dog fell into a lake and people were watching trying to figure out how to save him. One man didn’t hesitate to take off his warm winter clothes to jump in to save the dog from drowning. Watch the video here.

Princess Wigs

Holly Christensen wanted to do something nice for her friend’s family whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She found that making princess wigs out of yarn was something that made the little girl smile. She started making the yarn wig and The Magic Yarn Project was born. Holly’s project is run on donations, has made […]

13 Photos of Good

Sometimes you don’t need words. Here are 13 photos that prove just that.