So glad you could join us today. My name is Tom Malesic, founder of Be More Awesome.

Like many of us, my life has taken some interesting twists and turns. From a young age I always knew I would start my own company. In 1997, I started a company called EZSolution and have grown it from just me to 40+ team members. We help businesses with their technology. This includes managing their computer networks to creating digital and traditional marketing programs.

Over the years I have studied management and leadership styles. I have invested 1000’s of hours into my own personal development, mindset and happiness. I have had amazing opportunities to personally meet authors and motivational speakers like, Lou Ferrigno, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Mike Ditka, Alan Deutschman, Nido Qubein, Tom Hopkins and Michael Oher.

I wanted to find a way to share things that inspire others. So, I thought, why not start with my employees at EZSolution? I started sending them weekly emails to encourage them to be the amazing people that I know they are.

We all know how the world is filled with negative messages. Our brains unconsciously focus on what could go wrong. I wanted to be a force of good, positive messages for my work family. The folks at the office started sharing my messages with their friends and on Facebook.

Be More Awesome grew out of this project. If I was already writing the weekly messages, I thought, why not share them with more people?

Then I thought, “what if I could create a social platform for anyone to share things that are awesome?”

The world presents us with lots of opportunities to step up to the plate and solve the problems that we see on our backyards as well as across the world.

It all starts with us. If we can each just be a little more awesome every day, we can live an amazing life!

Join me to spread a little more joy, a little more kindness, and a little more happiness to create a whole lot of AWESOMENESS.

Make the world AWESOME. You deserve it.