Kids Being More Awesome

Go Baby Go

Cole Galloway,  is a physical therapy professor and infant behavior expert whose lab has a very clear mission: to provide mobility to children with cognitive or physical disabilities. Read here to learn how one trip to Toys ‘R’ Us brought mobility to hundreds of disabled kids. (Via NationSwell)

Legoland Quite Rooms

If you have ever been around a child and Legos you know that quite is not a word that comes to mind. However, Legoland in Florida has taken major steps to create quite rooms for guests with autism and their needs. They are even training their staff on how to understand what autism spectrum disorder […]

Perfect Timing

Timing is everything. Here are 16 photos that show what perfect timing looks like when you are in the right place at the right time. Enjoy the photos here. (Via Shareably)

William and the Windmill

in 2002,14 year old William Kamkwamba, built windmills using scrap metal that brought electricity and water to his village in Wimbe Malawi . William had to drop out of school when famine struck his family. Even through the struggles of life, William would not give up on his dreams of studying science. In some of […]

7 year old empties piggy bank to help Muslim community

On November 16, 2015, a mosque in Pflugerville, Texas, was vandalized. A local 7 year old boy, Jack Swanson, heard about the damage and wanted to donate his savings from his piggy bank to the mosque to help with cleanup and repair. Jack wrote a card saying, “I’m sorry people were mean to you.” and […]

Twins Recreate a Scene from Disney’s Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is a very popular movie among kids today. You can’t get on Youtube without seeing an adorable child sing along to Let It Go. Well, this video is different. Twins Maddie and Scarlett reenacting a whole scene from Frozen while their Mom Colleen videos the whole thing. These two-year-olds might have a job […]

Big brother sings to baby sister

This big brother loves his sister so much that he sang her a song just to see her smile. Watch the video to see the sweetness for yourself.

Newborn Twins notice each other

At 11 weeks old, these twin boys finally notice each other and have the cutest cooing conversation. Watch the video to see how they react to each other.

Buying Breakfast for the Men and Women in Blue

9-year old Noah wants to grow up to be a police officer.  When he was at breakfast with his Mom, he saw an officer sitting alone and he wanted to go over and say hi but was too star struck. So instead, Noah used some of his birthday money he had been saving and bought the officer’s […]

We Dine Together

In high school, eating alone in the cafeteria is never a good feeling. It can be the hardest part of the day for some people. One student at Boca Raton Community High School decided to make eating lunch alone a thing of the past. Denis Estimon started this club in the fall of 2016 to […]

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