Kids Being More Awesome

15 Year old Ballerina Role Model

Lizzy Howell is an inspiration to other full figured teens who dream of being dancers.

Sewing Teddy Bears

12-year-old Campbell taught himself how to sew because he wanted to make teddy bears for sick children. You can watch the heart-warming story here.

Father Daughter duet- You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Watch the sweetest father-daughter duet singing “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”. You can see the passion 4 year old Claire has for singing with her dad.

Students Renovate School Bus for Teacher’s Daughter

It took 6 weeks for high school students to transform a dilapidated school bus into Gabrielle’s dream playhouse. Gabrielle is the daughter of Amy Howell, a high school health care teacher in Westmoreland, Tennessee. Howell told her class about her daughter’s unusual Christmas wish list and jokingly asked, “Do you know anybody who’s got an […]

4 year old Piano Prodigy

Joey is a 4 year old piano prodigy that has been playing piano for a year. Watch this amazing little girl show off her talent and hard work.

Help with Shoveling

A father from Wisconsin is having a very proud father moment with his two sons who are 10 and 6. He was driving down the street when his sons asked him to pull over. They saw a gentleman in a wheelchair shoveling and wanted to help him. The father posted a photo to Facebook on […]

Princess Wigs

Holly Christensen wanted to do something nice for her friend’s family whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She found that making princess wigs out of yarn was something that made the little girl smile. She started making the yarn wig and The Magic Yarn Project was born. Holly’s project is run on donations, has made […]

13 Photos of Good

Sometimes you don’t need words. Here are 13 photos that prove just that.

Family Dog saves little Boy

Riley is just like any 5-year-old boy, but with one small difference; he has down syndrome. While he was playing hide and seek, he fell into the dryer and it turned on, locking him in there. Thankfully the family dog Teddy realized something was wrong and went to get Riley’s mother. There is a happy […]

Starry Night

When kids don’t want to sleep in their own rooms you will try to do anything to make it more comfortable for them. Benjamin’s parents did just that. They got a friend to paint his room. This is not your typical paint job. It will only show up with black lights. The end result is […]