Adults Being More Awesome

National Anthem

There are many videos of people singing the National Anthem but I have never seen one like this. Joe Everson, of South Carolina, is a man of many talents. Not only can he sing,  he can also paint, and paint well. While Joe is singing, he adds the finishing touches to his painting. His voice never waivers, […]

Woman delays her flight to help a stranger

Shaina Murry purposely delayed her American Airlines flight to help a stranger in need. In December of 2016, Shaina was looking for her gate when she noticed a man laying on floor. She knew something was wrong, she just didn’t know what. After asking him a few questions she called for medical assistance. Click here […]

New Hair

Kate Langman is a stylist at Ulta Beauty. She saw a customer buying all sorts of hair care products. When Kate went over to ask her if she needs help she was told a heartbreaking tale of how this woman suffered from depression and couldn’t’ get out of bed for 6 months. Kate was able […]

Haircuts for Homeless

Every Wednesday, 82 year old Joe “The Barber” Cymerys sets up a folding chair, connects his clippers to a portable car battery, and begins giving haircuts to his exclusive clients…Connecticut’s homeless. Watch the video for the full story. (Via CBS News)

Perfect Timing

Timing is everything. Here are 16 photos that show what perfect timing looks like when you are in the right place at the right time. Enjoy the photos here. (Via Shareably)

Sometime You Just Gotta Dance

Sometimes the urge to dance and be so powerful you just have to kick off your shoes and dance like no one is watching. Or in the case of Ms. Dorothy, an 85-year-old who can’t contain herself or her dancing feet once the banjo starts going. Please enjoy this video and feel free to dance […]

Harley-Davidson Won’t Take Military Wife’s Check

Christopher Walters is in the military and was being deployed overseas. Chris is a huge fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. While he was away he put his bike in a renting space and his wife Jamie handled all the payments. At times things were tough and Jamie’s payments would be late. Jamie wrote a quick note […]

Giving back to Mom

Vickie Reynolds raised her son, Josh DeShong, a realtor from Dallas, as a single parent. Josh is forever grateful for his mother for never giving up on him, even when others had. Josh wanted to do something special for his Mom. He found a house that was condemned by the city, but he saw it’s potential. He spent a year […]

You never forget your first love

Joyce Kevorkian and Jim Bowman were high school sweethearts back in the early 1950’s. The two dated and even went to prom together. Well, as life goes, they went to different colleges and started lives separate from each other, getting married to different people and having children. Unfortunately, both of them had to deal with […]

Hip Hop Cop

The New Zealand Police, or NZ police, asked if they could perform at the Hip Hop Unite New Zealand National Championships in Wellington. They asked after they first gained internet stardom releasing their “Running Man Challenge” video which got more than 31,000 views on YouTube. Watch as the cops tear up the stage with some […]

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