Adults Being More Awesome

Heartwarming Thai Commercial

This touching commercial for a Thai insurance company highlights how the simple act of giving each day has the power to transform people’s lives. You’ll want to have tissues handy for this one.

Donuts and a Smile

I woke up in the mood for a smoothie on Saturday, but before I left I decided to grab a half dozen donuts from the place next door and bring them with me to Tropical Smoothie. I used to work there and of course I know most/all of the people who still work there, but […]

$10 and 3 hugs

Last week I attended my 2 times a year advisory board meeting for Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). I sit on an advisory team for the web development courses that they teach. The meeting was at their Midtown Harrisburg campus. It’s not in a really bad neighborhood but not great either. As I was getting […]

Pool Trick Shots

Check out these awesome pool trick shots I found on This guy has a way with a pool cue.

The Marble Machine

What do you get when you combine amazing engineering with a love for music? The marble machine of course! Watch as Wintergatan spins amazing tunes using a system of gears, levers, pulleys and of course, marbles.  

Awesome Bucket Drummer

Who knew ordinary buckets could make this many sounds? Check out some awesome bucket percussion here!  

He adopted 140 dogs

My family has supported local animal shelters for years. I found this story about a Chinese man who adopted 140 stray dogs.  Li Zongwen lives in Wuhan, China. You can read the full story. What an amazing man.

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