Donuts and a Smile

I woke up in the mood for a smoothie on Saturday, but before I left I decided to grab a half dozen donuts from the place next door and bring them with me to Tropical Smoothie. I used to work there and of course I know most/all of the people who still work there, but I thought it’d be a nice thing to do for them around lunch time on a Saturday.

As it turns out, they’d gotten shorted on prep by the previous night’s shift, and one of their new people didn’t show up. This amounted to a lot more work for the crew of 4 who also had to deal with the additional business brought in by events happening in Millersville that afternoon. Naturally when I arrived the parking lot was full, and they were hard at work inside.

The kids looked pretty out of it and I couldn’t blame them. I’ve kept in touch with them since leaving but they were happy to see me and probably happier to have some interesting donuts from Sugar on Top.