Adults Being More Awesome

A walk that is good for the environment.

We all know in order to stay healthy we have to eat right and exercise. And we also know that we need to keep Mother Earth clean. Larie Mckeever turned her workout plan into a chance to help clean up the environment. Larie takes a 3 mile walk everyday (as long as it’s not raining) […]

Homes for the Homeless

For the past five years Gregory Kloehn has been sourcing illegally dumped materials from the Oakland area to build miniature homes at no cost and donating them to the homeless.

His Son’s Cancer Inspired This Dad To Get An Unconventional Tattoo

A father’s love knows no boundaries. That is why when Josh found out his son Gabriel felt self-conscious after he got his surgery he did something amazing that most people might never do. Josh got a tattoo, but not just any old tattoo. A tattoo that meant something to him and his son.

NY Lawyer Turned Lego Sculptor

Nathan Sawaya was a NY attorney handling mergers and acquisitions. But his Lego hobby turned into the next leg of his journey. Now Nathan gets paid to build things from Lego.  

Meet the Homeless Teen Who Became Valedictorian

Griffin Furlong has lived his life with little to lose. Homeless throughout much of his childhood and teen years, he has learned early on about life’s adversity. He’s made the most of his education, though, graduating with a 4.65 grade point average as the valedictorian of his high school class.  

Meet the Homeless Man Who Saves Stray Dogs

Homeless since 2001, Steve didn’t have much. But his exceptional love of dogs led him to create a new family of his own. Now thanks to the power of social media, Steve and his stray dogs are getting the help they need. Read More  

Meet The Banana Man – NY’s Happiest Produce Vendor

Greeting his customers each day with a smile, this Syrian immigrant embraces life as it comes and dreams of becoming a teacher one day. They call him the Banana Man and his enthusiasm and spirit are infectious!

Moonlighting Janitor Pursues His Passion as an Opera Singer

Meet Keanon Kyles, a maintenance worker at ABC7 Studios in Chicago, Illinois who’s never given up on his passion. Despite working several jobs to pay the bills, Kyles continues to practice his art and has performed opera all over the world! Read More

Art Student Designs Simple Clothing Line to Help Refugees

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s the scariest thing in the world. Luna gave up job security to do something she believed in. See the whole story  

Meet the Cop Who’s Become the Animal Whisperer

As a Police officer it’s your job to help and rescue people in need. You take an oath to serve and protect. Well one officer has gone above and beyond the call of the duty. He has become known as the animal whisperer. Read More