Adults Being More Awesome

Dairy Queen Manager Stands Up for Blind Customer

Dairy Queen manager, Joey Prusak earned a spot on the news after refusing to serve a woman who took a twenty dollar bill dropped on the floor by a blind man.

Meet Tim Harris, Americas First Restaurant Owner with Down Syndrome

Tim Harris knew he wanted to open a restaurant when he was 14 years old. Despite being born with down syndrome, Tim has made his dream a reality. Tim’s Place is known for good food, friendly service and a hug for every customer.  

24 Inspiring Acts of Kindness

Check out this video montage of 24 random acts of kindness. We hope you’ll get some great ideas to share in your community!

Students Develop Gloves Designed to Translate Sign Language

Two students from the University of Washington have been awarded the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for the creation of a pair of gloves that translates American sign language into text or spoken speech. The Lemelson-MIT Student Prize rewards the most inventive undergraduate and graduate students across the nation. This year’s winners, Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor […]

The Joy of Upcycled Crayons for Kids at a Children’s Hospital

Read about how enterprising dad, Bryan Ware, is turning discarded crayons into joy for patients at a Children’s hospital. Read more…

Florida Man Teaches a Homeless Woman to Read During Lunch Breaks

Check out this inspiring MSN news article about Greg Smith, a 25-year old account executive and personal trainer from Orlando, Florida who introduced himself to a homeless woman and began teaching her to read on his lunch hour. Read the whole story

Man Saves Cats from Fort McMurray Wildfire

There’s nothing like a cat rescue story that catches my attention and brings on tears of happiness. In case you didn’t know, there is a massive, devastating wildfire in the Fort McMurray area in Alberta, Canada, that has warranted mandatory evacuation zones. Chris Inger read on Fort McMurray’s Facebook page that a resident was out […]

Raising Men Lawn Care Service Pays It Forward

I came across this wonderful story the other day. A 26 year old from Alabama saw an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn and decided to make a difference. What began small, with Rodney mowing lawns for people in need — elderly, disabled, single moms — grew into a Raising Men Lawn Care Service […]

Waiter takes the time to feed a customer with no hands

Reginald Widener was sitting at the restaurant bar when he noticed a young waiter sitting across from a customer inside a booth. It’s not often, if ever, that you see a waiter feeding a customer. The customer didn’t have hands, and 22-year-old server Alex Ruiz was helping him eat. Kindness is what powers our connections. […]

Awesome Skateboarder

This guys is truly creative.