Adults Being More Awesome

Highway sing along

Wouldn’t our days Be More Awesome if we had this much fun during our commutes?

Owner of Taco Stop sets up rack of free coats for the homeless.

As winter hit and temperatures dropped, the owner of “Taco Stop” decided she needed to do something to help some of the less fortunate people stay warm. This is the second year she has set up her coat rack where people can take or donate a coat. Please watch to learn more.

Firefighters suprise mom-to be

A group of Florida firefighters surprised a mom to be with a baby shower after she lost everything in a fire. Besides the baby shower, they had an even bigger surprise in store for her. Watch the video to to find out what the big surprise was. (Via Yahoo! News)

“If you survive chemo, then you are a queen and you deserve a crown”

Sarah is an artist that offers free henna tattoos to people who have lost their hair through chemotherapy treatments. Sarah lost her stepfather 12 years ago when he died of cancer. She felt the need to do something but she didn’t know what to do at that time. She then came up with the idea […]

I Fly Southwest

When you travel it’s always stressful, but when you travel by plane it can be even more stressful with all the packing restrictions, getting through TSA, and remembering your boarding pass. Having patience and understanding can go a long way, especially in the case of an emergency. Fortunately for a recent passenger on a Southwest […]

7 Marathons, 7 Days, 7 Countries

Kansas City resident, Chau Smith, has run over 70 marathons in her lifetime. That is a huge accomplishment in its self. Chau is 70-years-old and just recently completed the international Triple Seven Quest. That is 7 Marathons in 7 days in 7 different countries: Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Amsterdam, Netherlands, New York, Chile, and Antarctica. She […]

One Sweet Wedding Proprosal

Susan and Ryder had been dating for 2 years when they found out she was pregnant. Right then Ryder knew he had to wait until the baby was born to help him pull off one of the sweetest wedding proposals. Watch the video below to see how it unfolds.

Traveling the World in a Van

Marina Piro, along with her dog Odie, decided to pack up and travel the world. She renovated a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo into a home for her and Odie. She did everything by hand and while she made a few mistakes, she learned from them. She has a blog and an Instagram account that you […]

Dancing Dr. D!

Dr. D was a resident in the Hershey NICU when Adam (my son) was inpatient… and he was (and clearly still is) the JAM. Incredibly skilled, vibrant and full of life, and absolutely invested in his patients. This makes my heart so happy! Check him out here!

Running at Any Age

Here is a great video to remind you that you can do anything at any age. These two runners are in their 90’s and still doing what they love. Watch to see who wins.