Kids Being More Awesome

Students Give Veterans Proper final tribute

A group of high school students from the University of Detroit Jesuit School are volunteering to serve as pallbearers for fallen military members who they have never met. The student program started with 50 and has grown. The students know that these veterans had loved ones and family at one point, even if they aren’t […]

Bookmarks for Babies

Olivia Geissler, 5 years old, decorated her own bookmarks to sell and raise money so that she could purchase mamaRoos and rockaRoos for infants in the NICU at Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Olivia sold 600 ‘Bookmarks for Babies’ at $2.00 a piece and was able to donate 5 of the baby rocking seats. […]

Returned Ring Restores Owners Faith In Humanity

Matt Dooyema lost his wedding ring while water rafting at Two Rivers Campground in August. He assumed he would never see it again. Little did he know that he a would get a Facebook message that would restore his faith in humanity. Watch the video to see the story unfold.

Touchdown for Lou

Watch as Lou Stamey gets the chance of a lifetime when two rival football teams come together.

Four Brothers Help keep Elderly Neighbor out of Jail

Four young men in Texas recently helped their elderly neighbor stay out of jail. Her crime? Her grass was too high. When the Reynolds heard about the warrant for her arrest, the boys gladly came to Gerry Suttle’s aid, laboring in the hot sun to tame her unruly lawn.  

Loving Brother Helps Little Brother on Swings

Watch this cute video of a big brother helping his disabled little brother get into a porch swing.

Ice Cream Smile

16-year-old Brenden McGee, works at a Whitey’s Ice Cream shop. He was working the drive-thru one afternoon when he encountered a customer who was so upset she was crying. Brenden could barely understand what she wanted as she placed her order. Finally he figured out that she wanted a milkshake. When she pulled up to […]

Ballerina dream comes true for this little girl with cerebral palsy

Charlotte Bottger, a ten year old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy, from Gloucestershire in South West England, has been able to achieve her dream of becoming a ballerina thanks to a miracle operation that helped her walk again. Watch the video to see her dance with members of the Royal Ballet.

Half Court Shot for $10,000

Jordan Stiers, a student at Kansas University, won $10,000 at “Late Night at the Phog”. Now that alone is pretty amazing but what Jordan did with the money that she won is even more amazing. She is giving it to her grandmother who raised her from the age of 10. Watch the video to learn […]

Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) to the rescue

Reading in front of the class out loud can be scary, stressful and nerve-racking for children. R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) was started in St. Lake City 17 years ago to match children with therapy dogs. R.E.A.D. gives children a stress-free place to learn and grow their communication skills. Keep reading to learn more about […]

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