Organizations Being More Awesome

Cop saves little boy in 1997, 19 years later they reunite.

Chris Jones was just 5-years-old when he almost drowned in a hotel pool. Luckily Officer James Poole was able to save Chris. Now Chris is 24 with a 5-year-old daughter of his own. And he just had to thank Officer Poole for saving his life. Watch the heartwarming video here. (via Shareably, KTVU and Columbus […]

101-Year- Old Harley Dream Come True

Ray Weser is a 101-year-old veteran who also loves his Harleys. But he hasn’t been able to ride for a while because of his age. So his local community, hospice, VFW and Grand Canyon Harley Davidson got together to give him “One Last Ride” before he turns 102 in December. Watch the video here.  (via […]

Dog Shelter Promotes Pajama Parties to Encourage Adoption

An Atlanta animal shelter is promoting pajama parties for their shelter dogs to encourage visitors to get to know the dogs in a more relaxed setting. Sent home complete with doggie pajamas, food, and bowls, each dog gets a break from the shelter and the potential for a new forever home. Read more…

Supermarket Employs Genius Idea To Help Kids With Autism

A Shop Rite in Pennsylvania has introduced a specialized checkout lane that could benefit young people with autism. The supermarket got rid of the candy display next to one of its registers and began offering an array of toys including Play-Doh, putty, rattles, small puzzles, and more. Read More…

Kitten CPR

We all know that cats hate water, so when two members of the Italian Coast Guard saw a kitten in the ocean off the coast of Italy, they wasted no time diving in to try to save him. The little kitten wasn’t moving so the men gave him a miniature version of CPR and brought […]

Volunteer Pilots- Flying to Help Others

Angel Flight is a non-profit organization that provides free air transportation to qualified patients and their families by arranging flights to distant medical facilities, delivering supplies to disaster areas, and reuniting families during desperate times. Angel Flight East is just one of over 50 air charity organizations across the nation that are part of the […]

Green Lantern Lunches

Green Lantern Lunches was started to help feed the children of North Beach, Washington when school is not in session. Students that rely on free lunches during the school year often do not get lunches when school is out. But Phyllis Shaughnessy, founder of Green Lantern Lunches, and her team wanted to bridge this gap.

Scientists Encourage Young Girl and Her Love of Bugs

Ever since Sophia started crawling, she’s been fascinated by bugs. However this obsession was not well received by many of her young peers at her new school, who began teasing her and calling her names. Determined to foster her daughter’s love of bugs and teach her the value of pursuing the things you love, Sophia’s […]

High School Students Encouraged to Paint Their Parking Spots

A high school in West Orange, Texas is giving their students the gift of self-expression by allowing them to paint their parking spaces. Parents and students alike love the creative outlet and the result is some fabulous art that’s enjoyed by all. See the art these kids are making…

Officers escort fallen colleague’s daughter to prom

Officers from the Tarpon Springs Police Department stepped in for a fallen colleague, to escort his daughter to prom night. Officer Charlie Kondek was shot and killed when he responded to a noise complaint call in 2014. His colleagues felt it was their duty to fill in for him and send his daughter, Aleena, off […]