Organizations Being More Awesome

Commercial Captures the True Spirit of Christmas

The Holiday season is upon us and Christmas commercials are everywhere. But every once in a while one comes along that is just too good not to share with everyone. This year it would be H&M’s Wes Anderson – Come Together video. Please enjoy and Happy Holidays.

Smile You’re Alive.

Corey Pinto and his 5 year old son have created ‘Smile You’re Alive’ to help feed and clothe the homeless during the winter. Through funds and donations, they were able to create care packages filled with food and winter clothes that they take to homeless shelters. Watch their story here. (via Now This)

Zappos Surprise

I’m stunned this morning but not by what you’d expect. I’m stunned by what did. Look at the gift they sent my assistant. A #GoPro Hero. Not because I’m a high volume customer. Not because they screwed something up (they didn’t). Just because my assistant and a woman in customer service had a connected […]

Veterans Community Project

Veterans Community Project is a group made up of veterans. They decided to develop a 4-acre piece of land to build Veterans Village after seeing veterans they knew slip through the cracks of various programs. Right now they are working to build 50 tiny homes that cost roughly $10,000 each to build. The VCP is […]

Christmas Joy

Operation Christmas Child is a great way to spread a little Christmas cheer. Watch as children open shoe boxes full of goodies. The pure joy on their faces is what the season is really about. To see the video and find out how you can help bring joy to more children, check out their Facebook […]

College Girls Inspire Hope with the Princess Project

College students Kylee McGrane and Margaret McAndrew are making a difference for kids in local hospitals. Founders of “The Princess Project”, these students and others travel to schools and hospitals dressed as Disney princess characters. McGrane says she hopes her efforts help to restore the power of believing to children who may have lost hope. […]

Cleaning For a Reason

The Mop Ladies, a York PA based cleaning service, has joined “Cleaning for a Reason”, a Texas based nonprofit that matches women battling cancer with local cleaning services.  Each service donates two monthly house cleanings to women battling cancer. Mop Ladies owners, Georgine Stauffer and Christine Russo, want to give back to their community and […]

Lift Hero, “uber for seniors”

Lift Hero is a ride service that was designed specifically for the transportation needs of seniors. Jay Connolly, founder of Lift Hero, came up with the idea after witnessing his dad and aunt struggling to get his grandmother to her appointments since she could no longer drive herself. Every Lift Hero driver is first-aid certified […]

Bringing invisible Disabilities to light

London’s transportation department has started a new trial program designed to help people with invisible conditions and disabilities find a seat on public transportation. Each participant in the program receives a “Please offer me a seat” badge that will alert other passengers to offer up their seat to the person in need. Keep reading to […]

Canned Food to Pay Parking Tickets

In Strasburg, Virginia you can now pay your parking ticket with canned food. If you wish to pay it with cash you still have the option, but 10 cans of food will take care of the parking tickets and help Compassion Cupboard of Strasburg. Read more about this awesome program that is running until Dec. […]