Organizations Being More Awesome

Firefighter’s Surprise for Woman’s 100th Birthday

Norfolk firefighters showed up at the home of Jeanette Bear Carty on her 100th birthday. Jeanette’s late husband, Joe, served with the fire department for 30 years. She is an honorary member of the fire department, so they wanted to show her how special she is to them.

Italian police officers make a pasta meal for a lonely elderly couple

In a wonderful gesture of kindness, four police officers in Rome stopped by an elderly couple’s home to cook them a simple pasta dinner. The couple, reportedly overwhelmed by loneliness and distress from world events they’d witnessed on TV, had been overheard crying, prompting the visit by police. Read the story  

Makeovers That Matter is helping female veterans get into the work force

Michael John Derricott founded Makeovers That Matter in April 2012. Female veterans are offered free hair, makeup and wardrobe counseling services to help them look interview ready. The goal is to not only help them look their best, but to also help them feel more confident. They also have access to free counseling sessions with […]

Employees Surprise Generous Boss

Gravity Payments’ employees surprised their generous boss with his dream car. Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments instituted a minimum salary of $70,000 within his company. His employees wanted to give back to show how much they appreciate him. So they bought him a brand new Tesla. Watch his reaction as the employees unveil their […]

You Cannot Drive on a Hot Day Without Ice Cream

The police chief in Halifax, Virginia along with another officer, pulled over drivers during a very hot week in July for a very little known law. “You cannot drive on a hot day without ice cream.” Instead of writing tickets, the two handed out cold treats. The chief said he just wanted to see more […]

Autistic Woman Finds Her Voice Working with Black Cats

22-year old Jordan is on the autism spectrum and is mostly non-verbal. But that hasn’t stopped her from communicating with her favorite furry friends – black cats. Thanks to Mychal’s Learning place, a non-profit organization that helps people like Jordan build independence and self-esteem, she’s found her voice through interacting with black cats. Mychal’s arranged […]

Ice Bucket Challenge Fueled Research That Found a New Gene Tied to ALS

Yes, there were plenty of people who mocked the Ice Bucket Challenge at the height of its popularity in 2014. But what many don’t know is that the Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise over $115 million dollars to help in the fight against ALS. Over $77 million dollars went into research which has helped scientists […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’ve all heard the 3 R’s since we were little. Sometimes the reuse part seems harder when you see a pile of trash. Well the people at Recycled Artist in Residency, (RAIR) in Philadelphia are re-imagining how people think about trash. Here are 11 awesome examples of how they reuse other people’s trash.

Olive Garden Waiter Goes Above and Beyond

On July 21, 2016, Dallas French and her family stopped at the Olive Garden for dinner after a grueling day at the hospital. Her 4-month old daughter Ellee had tested positive for E. coli earlier in the month and needed to undergo a series of tests. The stress of her daughter’s illness and the exhaustion […]

Animal Shelter Uses Pokemon Go to Recruit Dog Walk Volunteers

Phil Pechingpaugh, the director of the Muncie Animal Shelter is a big fan of the Pokeman Go game that has swept the nation in recent weeks. See how his innovative strategy to recruit Pokemon Go enthusiasts to walk his shelter dogs is paying off big. Read the story