Animals Being More Awesome

8 Year Old Girl gets gifts From Crows

8 year old Gabi Mann from Seattle Washington started feeding the crows in her family’s garden about 4 years ago. The crows began to recognize Gabi and wait for her to get off her school bus every day. To show their thanks for the food, the crows have started to leave behind trinkets for the […]

Overcoming life’s obstacles together

Watch as man and dog, each facing similar obstacles, make each other’s lives better. Watch the Video

Doggy Ballet Dancer

They say that dog is man’s best friend. But, have you ever thought to dance with your dog? Sandra and Lizzy performed a wonderful dance routine at the Open European Championships. They dance together in perfect harmony. Watch the video and be amazed!

Pot Belly Pig Played Dead to Save her Owner

Back in 1998, Lulu, a pot belly pig, saved her owner, Jo Ann who had collapsed from a heart attack. Lulu’s brave action caught the attention of a passing motorist, who promptly called 911. Read more…    

Dog rescued from high kill shelter now in training to be a service dog for young boy

Thanks to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (BFDR), the organization that saved Sherlock, a Samoyed/Great Pyrenees mix, he can now return the favor by helping someone in need. Sherlock was rescued from a high-kill shelter in rural Tennessee less than 24 hours from being euthanized. Today, he is in training to become a service dog for […]

Pure Joy and Happiness

This shelter dog breaks out into his happy dance upon being rescued by his forever family. This video shows how rewarding it can be to save the life of a rescue pup. See the video

Chilly Baby Sea Lion Finds Comfort

The San Francisco Police Department answered the call of duty one night when an abandoned sea lion pup was found freezing and in need of help. They went above & beyond by keeping him warm and snuggling up to him until the Marine Mammal Center of California was able to get him to safety. Get […]

Baby Squirrel Gets Help to Scale the Wall

A UCLA squirrel and her baby receive some ‘outside’ help to scale a difficult wall.

Mama Cat Introduces Her Babies to her Doggy Friend

A great example of love and compassion between animals! Watch this amazing dog as he gently interacts with mama cat and her kittens.

Dog Leads Firefighters to Children in Burning Home

Margo Feaser, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Investigator is grateful that she, her husband and two small children are safe after their Longwood, Florida home caught fire on the night of April 25th. Part of the thanks goes to their beloved family dog Maxx, who led fire fighters to the location of the family’s two children […]