Animals Being More Awesome

Dog Shelter Promotes Pajama Parties to Encourage Adoption

An Atlanta animal shelter is promoting pajama parties for their shelter dogs to encourage visitors to get to know the dogs in a more relaxed setting. Sent home complete with doggie pajamas, food, and bowls, each dog gets a break from the shelter and the potential for a new forever home. Read more…

Hero and Sadie

Hero is a trained diabetic alert dog, who really lives up to his name. Sadie is a 4 -year old who has type 1 diabetes, and Hero helps to alert her parents when her blood sugar goes low or high. Watch the video to see how Hero saved Sadie’s life while they weren’t even together.

Purr-fect Brother

Baby Isaac made a friend for life shortly after his arrival home from the hospital. Siggy the cat immediately felt protective of the baby and rarely left his side. In the weeks that followed, it became clear that Isaac was born with multiple heart problems. He just had his first open heart surgery at 12 […]

Amazing Dog Saves Infant’s Life

A family in Portland, Connecticut will be forever grateful to their dog, Duke, for alerting them that their 9-week old infant had stopped breathing during the night. By waking them up, the dog saved their young daughter’s life and earned his title as man’s best friend.

Donkey Grins After Being Rescued

A group of people noticed a donkey trying to make his way through flooded waters. They could see the water was very deep and they were concerned that if they did not help him, he would be swept away in the flood waters. Someone created a Facebook post asking for some strong hands and a […]

A Cat With An Impressive Range of Skills

Didga the cat could possibly be the most talented cat in the world. She can skateboard, swim, surf and even does gymnastics on command. Watch this amazing cat in action!

Cross Country Running with Dogs

St. Joseph High School teamed up with The Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter to get the dogs out and about. It was the school who contacted the shelter and they loved the idea! So while the team gets in their early morning run, the dogs get some fresh air and exercise as well. But some […]

Marathon Runner Finishes the Race with a New Furry Friend

You wouldn’t think you would find your best friend while running an ultra-marathon, which is 155 miles in very unforgiving conditions. Well, that wasn’t the case for Dion and Gobi. Dion noticed the little dog next to his camp one night and then the next day she was following him, running through the desert. Keep […]

Jake’s 1st Day on the Job

Jake is a 10-week old yellow lab who is training to be an avalanche rescue dog for Vail Mountain Resort. He is going to be a great addition to the ski patrol family. Enjoy this cute video of his first day on the job.

Deaf Dog Becomes Agility Champion

Seven is an amazing dog who wants to run and play just like any other. There is just one thing different about her. She is deaf. Her original owners gave her up after learning about her disability, thinking she wouldn’t be able to do anything. Along came Adina MacRae. She made it her goal to […]