Dog Leads Firefighters to Children in Burning Home

Margo Feaser, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Investigator is grateful that she, her husband and two small children are safe after their Longwood, Florida home caught fire on the night of April 25th.

10952049_1461711411.1138_funddescriptionPart of the thanks goes to their beloved family dog Maxx, who led fire fighters to the location of the family’s two children during the fire. All four family members survived the fire and are currently hospitalized in stable condition. The children, ages 2 and 4, sustained minor burns and are also being treated for severe smoke inhalation. Maxx is being treated for minor injuries at a local veterinary hospital and the family says he is doing well.

“We knew when we rescued him he was a fighter, and he has always been very protective of us. We are amazed by what he did that night and we are looking forward to having him back with us,” said Margo Feaser.

Due to their injuries and the loss of their home, a GoFundMe account has been setup for the family that will assist with a variety of expenses including medical bills, veterinary care and housing costs as the family works to rebuild their lives. For more information or to contribute to the family fund, please visit