A Stranger’s Gesture to a Fallen Officer’s Son

A Colorado man now has the keys to the patrol car that once belonged to his deceased father, even after he was outbid on the vehicle at auction.
Tanner Brownlee and his brother, Chase, wanted to raise enough money to buy their father’s patrol car. The Dodge Charger was put up for auction five years after Sam Brownlee, their father, died in the line of duty.
The two sons started their own Go Fund Me campaign in hopes of raising the money for the car, but it wasn’t enough. They were outbid by a local rancher.
That farmer then handed over the keys to Tanner saying simply “here’s your car.”
The Brownlee’s say they will now put all the money they raised to buy the car towards the group Cops, an organization that provides services for survivors of officers killed in the line of duty.