Organizations Being More Awesome

Amazing Hybrid Bicycle Provides Clean Power for Those Living Off the Grid

Billionaire Manoj Bhargava is the founder of the Billions in Change movement, an organization dedicated to creating solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems – energy, water and health. The hybrid bicycle is a pioneering project designed to help rural communities across the world that live off the grid or only have access […]

Bringing Dignity Back to Dining for the Homeless

The Kansas City Community Kitchen is bringing dignity back to the dining experience for the homeless. Complete with greeters and wait staff, this restaurant-style dining experience offers healthy food choices and a sense of community. Read more…  

Awesome Veterans Keep Chicago Streets Safe for Kids

Founded in 2011 by the nonprofit organization Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB), The Safe Passage program gives area veterans the opportunity to pay off their student loan debt, while helping to reduce youth violence in Chicago neighborhoods. Over 400 veterans have participated in the program since it began, providing services to 8,000 Chicago public school […]

Wings Flights of Hope Helps Patients Take to the Air

Wings Flights of Hope, a NY-based charity organization, offers free medical and humanitarian flights to patients across the Northeast. This might mean transporting a heart transplant patient to the hospital for surgery or taking a loved one to see a family member who is undergoing treatment or chemotherapy. The organization completes about 500 flights each […]

Bakeys Introduces Edible Alternative to Plastic Utensils

Bakey, an India-based startup has introduced an innovative way to eat takeout food that could revolutionize what we think of as disposable cutlery. Unlike plastic utensils that spend years in landfills, Bakey’s cutlery is made entirely from flour and water, so it’s completely edible. If you prefer not to munch on your utensils, the product […]

Manchester England Superstore Launches Quiet Hour for Shoppers with Autism

Shopping can be especially stressful for people with autism, anxiety and other psychological disorders. Learn how one supermarket in Manchester, England is making a difference, one hour at a time! Read more…

Lancaster County’s “Blanketeers” crochet, knit and quilt blankets for children in need

Courtesy of Project Linus A local chapter of Project Linus has donated over 45,000 blankets for children in need in the Lancaster area since 2001. The blankets, all handmade with love, are donated to hospitals, homeless shelters, hospices and other institutions, providing comfort and security. Project Linus is a nationwide organization with chapters in all […]

Old Sweaters Keep Shelter Dogs Warm & Cozy

The Washington County Animal Shelter in Tennessee has found a way to use old sweaters to help keep shelter dogs more comfortable. Find out how you can make your own doggie sweaters to help animal shelters in your own area!    

Class Assignment Turns Into Innovative Backpacks for Kids with Autism

Photo by Nesel Packs/Kickstarter What started as a classroom assignment in entrepreneurship for students at the University of Minnesota, has become a life-changing aid for children with autism. Read the whole story!

51 Random Acts of Kindness Toward Seniors

Today, I stopped in the bank and noticed a vase with a beautiful flower in it. That wasn’t unusual. But what was unusual was the note on it. It said, “Practice Random Acts of Kindness”. It was placed there by an employee of a local retirement community. Country Meadows. My teller (and good friend Cindy) […]