Kids Being More Awesome

9-Year Old Girl Sells Lemonade to Fund Brother’s Heart Surgery

When 9-year old Addison overheard her grandparents discussing how much her brother’s heart surgery would cost, she decided to take action. Together with her friends Erika and Emily Borden, Addison began selling lemonade for .25 to .50/cup. The children also drew pictures and offered them for sale for .25/each. Since opening the stand, Addison has […]

2 Year Old Boy Does a Happy Dance After Hearing His Mom for the First Time

You can’t help but smile and want to dance along with Kaiden when he hears his mother’s voice for the very first time. This two year old was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss at birth and doctors haven’t found the cause. But thanks to hearing aids, Kaiden is now able to hear sounds more clearly. […]

Watch Alexey Play the Piano with No Hands

Once you put your mind to something nothing a can stop you. To prove it, watch this Russian teen, who was born without hands, play the piano. He is completely self-taught and sharing his talent with the world, despite the odds he had to overcome.  

Friendship Goals

Vincent & Zac could be seen as your typical six year old boys. They are silly, full of energy, and probably a little mischievous too. The atypical part is that Zac was diagnosed leukemia. Instead of feeling awkward or avoiding his best pal, Vincent proved that no matter how old or young you are, friendship […]

Little Girl Gets Adoption Day Surprise

5-year old Danielle Koning got a big surprise in her final day of adoption proceedings. Everyone in the courtroom donned the costumes of Disney’s famous princes and princesses to celebrate Danielle’s adoption. Read More

Super-Flexible Kid Shows Off His Acrobatic Moves

Watch this 12-year old demonstrate his Spiderman flexibility! See the video

9-Year Old Girl Opens Library for Children in Her Neighborhood

Books are a wonderful thing. They can take you on the greatest adventures without ever having to get out of your PJ’s! But in some parts of the world, books are hard to come by. See how one 9-year old girl started a library outside her home so she could read to other children in […]

Little Girl Becomes Hot Dog Among Princesses

It’s okay to march to the beat of your own drum. You don’t always have to follow what everyone else is doing. You have to always be true to yourself. And if that is a hot dog among princesses then so be it. Ainsley is my new hero! See More

Waco Texas School Basketball Team Gives Competitors a Welcome Surprise

The Gainsville Tornados are a basketball team without a fan base, primarily because the team is made up of inmates of a juvenile correction facility. A competing team, at Vanguard College Prep in Waco, decided to change that by arranging a welcome surprise for their competitors.    

College Football Team Helps Boy with Brain Cancer Score a Touchdown

Watch as a college football team helps young Jack Hoffman, who is fighting a battle with brain cancer, score a touchdown in the final minutes of the game.