By Linda M. MalesicMalesic Associates

I’m going to tell you a true story.

A number of years ago, I took a class just for fun because my friend wanted me to tag along.  At the beginning of the day, we were told that at the end of day we would be asked to break a board with our hand.  Now, I’m thinking these people are nuts. Me, break a board. What am I, the karate kid?  First, you need to know that I am a non-athletic gal but in good physical shape. But, break a board.  No, no, no. I’ll break my hand. Then I won’t be able to write, drive my car, work. Goodness, the list goes on forever.

As the day went on, I thought about that board and my fears less and less.  During the class, we talked about obstacles and some what-ifs. Now, the moment of truth arrived. We were shown how to use the palm of our hand and with a quick motion smack that board in half.

The guy ahead of me looked like a football player. I’m thinking well, duh he can do it no sweat.  Wrong! He did NOT break his board.

Now the pressure was really on. It was my turn. But what if I could break my board? What if I could do something that I would have thought was quite impossible? What else could I do?

I decided in that moment that, indeed, I was breaking my board.  I visualized it already broken on the floor. I visualized success. I visualized the possibilities.

So am I now the karate kid? YES, YES, YES!!!  I did it. I broke my board. It was exhilarating.  And it wasn’t just luck.  I have done it again since that day.

I have used this example many times in my consulting and sales training programs to prove that you can do what you believe you can.  But you must take action.

Here is my challenge to you. What are some things that you want to accomplish? What is standing in your way? Today, are you ready to break your own board?