All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

If you don’t believe in yourself chances are no one else will believe in you either. You will make mistakes. Everyone does. Having the confidence to know that you will be able to handle whatever challenge comes your way is critical to making your dreams come true.

You might not have the answer today. You might not have the experience today. None of us were born with the knowledge, experience or talents that we need to be successful. These are all learned skills.

But if you believe in yourself you will have courage to become the person that you know you can be. Change the “little voice in your head.” Every time you hear it tell you that you can’t do something or be something tell it that you can do it. You can do anything you set out to do. It all starts with believing in yourself and your dream.

Put your hand on your heart and say:

I have the courage to pursue my dreams.