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It’s not happiness that brings Gratitude… It’s Gratitude that brings happiness! If you’re like most people, you probably spend more time thinking about what goes wrong each day than what goes right. After all, it’s human nature to seek out problems to solve. •    Did you spend your morning commute stressed out about the traffic? […]

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7 Things That Are Truly Awesome

We’re all so busy with our daily lives that it can be easy to overlook all the little things that make our world a truly awesome place. Some slip by completely unnoticed. Others we rush through so quickly that we never take the time to appreciate them. There are literally millions of things that are […]

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Life Is A Movie

“Life is like a movie. Write your own ending – keep believing!” Jim Henson – 1936-1990, Puppeteer, Screenwriter and Producer When I was a kid I read a lot of Choose Your Own Adventure books where the story was crafted in part by the choices I made as a reader. I liked the idea that […]

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