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The news media wants us to think that the world is all bad. The fact is, tragedy sells. Small ones. Big ones. It doesn’t matter. As a society, we’ve become conditioned to see the bad side of everything. More Americans are taking anti-depressants than ever before. People are disconnected and lost in a sea of negativity that never seems to end.

Yet, each and every day, there’s so much good that’s happening all over the world and right in our own backyards.

  • Acts of kindness and generosity.
  • New innovations and artistic endeavors.
  • People sharing their unique talents with the world.
  • Inspiring stories of love and compassion between strangers.
  • Amazing discoveries and new ideas.

The truth is, amazing people of every age and walk of life are sharing joy, compassion, generosity, and inspiration with countless others every single day.

I created this site to celebrate this awesomeness and shine a big, bright light on all the good in the world.

We all have the capacity to BE MORE AWESOME and create a world that inspires us.

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Tom Malesic